Words In Stone

Letter Cutting and Stonecarving


'Wantsley Barn'1

PhiL Brown - Wednesday, April 11, 2018
'Wantsley Barn' house name sign, one of two carved each featuring hand drawn lettering and including a design based on an ammonite, 
something relevant to the clients' premises. Hand painted in brown weatherproof masonry paint.


PhiL Brown - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

'WEACHLEY' house name plaque. This client asked for the lettering to be specially designed, 
as they had seen and liked an earlier work of mine, called 'Homedene'.


Phil Brown


Letter Cutting, Stone Carving & Ceramics


Hello, I'm Phil, a letter cutter and stone carver formerly based in Somerset, now relocated to Dorset.


Welcome to my stonecarving website.


By way of brief introduction, being a stone carver is the latest stage of development in

my life as a creative person.


What I appreciate about stonecarving is the way in which it slows down my working pace to a level where the creative process becomes almost meditative; the stone seems to know what it wants to become, and it just needs me as an artist/conduit to reveal the nature and beauty of the form awaiting within. It's an intriguing and satisfying interaction!


I am now letter cutting and carving in stone, but I have also been a ceramic artist, technician, potter, teacher, and (going back a bit now) an art student. These days I still think of myself as an artist in other media too so I draw, paint, use digital media, and make or appreciate music whenever the opportunity arises; I am now really appreciating my larger studio space in Symondsbury, Dorset, where I can readily immerse myself in such activities.

Please enjoy your visit to Phil Brown The Artist; you will find   garden ceramics for sale as well as letter cutting, and   stone carvings  or sale and to commission.


Please feel free to contact me, whether it's to make  order enquiries offer feedback or ask any questions you may have about my work.

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