(Phil Brown)

Letter Cutter and Stone Carver

Hello, I’m Phil, a letter cutter and stone carver. For some years I was based near Wells in Somerset, but I relocated to Bridport, West Dorset in 2014.

Welcome to my WORDS IN STONE website.

Working in stone is the latest stage of development in my life as a creative person. Previously I was a ceramic artist, potter, technician & teacher, but for me working with stone seems a natural progression from working with clay. (In my time I have also been a primary school teacher, sound technician and, yes, an art student).

What I appreciate about stone-carving is the way in which it slows down my working pace to a level where the creative process becomes almost meditative; the stone seems to know what it wants to become, and it just needs me as an artist/conduit to reveal the nature and beauty of the form awaiting within. It’s an intriguing and satisfying interaction!

My work is now predominantly about letter cutting, using local forms of limestone where possible, to create bespoke house names, memorials and the like. When time permits I also carve sculpture in Bath or Portland stone. Whatever stone work I undertake it is always carved by hand.

Ultimately I think I am happiest being a stone carver and letter cutter. Working in stone suits my temperament in many ways (I’m patient, a bit of a perfectionist, and fairly technically proficient!). And making one-off pieces such as house names in stone means I get to interact with my clients, which I enjoy, and often, within the normal disciplines of letter cutting,  allows me a measure of creative freedom.