‘THE SHELL SEEKER’  relief carving

A House Name plaque, relief carved in Bath Stone. I made this for a family cottage in Cornwall.  I was asked to incorporate shell shapes that had been collected by a family member, and was happy to oblige.

‘CIDER BARN PLAQUE’  relief carving

Portland Stone 35cm x 35cm x 8cm.

A hand carved commemorative plaque for a reconstructed barn. My client asked me to incorporate medieval alchemical symbols for the sun & moon into the overall design. This made the work all the more intriguing for me.  It is certainly the most intricate and time-consuming piece of stone-carving I have made so far because there are both incised AND relief elements. As the pear tree measures no more than 6 inches (15cm) square, I was carving much of it with nothing more than a toffee hammer and a panel pin!