House Names


 I create individually hand-carved HOUSE NAMES to order.   
I use traditional letter cutter’s tools to make unique & contemporary pieces for the home.

THE CHOICE OF STONE. Living in Dorset, I have Portland, Purbeck, Bath, Ham and Blue Lias limestones to choose from when creating House Names. Blue Lias, Purbeck (and slate) are the hardest of the stones I work with. Next come the Portland and Bath Stone varieties. Ham Stone is the softest. However, the ‘softer’ stones often prove popular due the warmth of their colouring. The difference in durability is always worth considering.  Contact me for further advice.

HOW MUCH DOES A HOUSE NAME COST? Although carving by hand is a slow and exacting process, I endeavour to keep my prices competitive and I base my charges on factors such as

    • the size and type of stone to be used;
    • the size and style of lettering desired;
    • whether in-painting is desired /necessary;
    • whether delivery and/or installing is required.
    • Lead times can vary; I generally ask for a minimum of 4 -6 weeks.

I am always happy to talk about individual requirements, and making a site visit can also provide useful information.
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